[ single thread healdsburg ]

SingleThread is a deeply-thought out endeavor,  the kind that's worth every flowery adjective food writers can squash into a headline. After photographing it for Edible Marin + Wine Country's spring issue, I can say yes, folks...

Yes, it's a restaurant, a farm and an inn - each done very, very well. Yes, the owners are a driven, married duo that do everything from grow the food to arrange the flowers to prepare their edible masterpieces in front of you. Yes, it's a meticulously farm-to-table affair that observes 72 local mini-seasons and prepares each course in a really, truly open kitchen. Yes, they own the smallest winery in California - in the form of a giant, mysterious "wine egg" with it's own address - visible from the dining room. Yes, on a clear day you can see Old Faithful Geyser blow it's spout from their rooftop deck. And yes, the dining room is clothed in delicate weavings of threads made of vegetable DNA. 

But I will tell you now and forever that I cast my final judgment on a restaurant's soul based on their bathrooms. Everything I need to know about philosophy and practice is there. And yes, their WC is a delightful experience not to be missed (but no I did not photograph it - you'll have to check it out yourself). What can I say? We live in a privileged, ironic and beautiful world.