[ mariana calderon photo + design ]

Photographing another photographer...it's like cooking for a chef. You feel flattered they would trust themselves to you, but holy toledo, the stakes are high! Mariana is a fellow Napa-based photographer with a crazy story. My version: After growing up in Costa Rica, she jumped into a job hosting a wine travel show, and one day found herself interviewing a charming young man in the vineyards. (As one does.) After a few trips back and forth between her homeland and wine land, she and this charming lad got hitched, and they now make their home in the valley. With a background in architecture and design, she brings a lot of clean lines and light to her beautiful work - check it out here!  

Mariana entrusted me with shooting her lifestyle portraits for a website refresh. We enjoyed late-summer sun + hospitality at one of my favorite Napa spots, St. Clair Brown Winery, roamed around some downtown gardens, and ended then day by tearing up some back roads to catch an amazing late-summer sunset. A very, very good day.