[ mckenzie the graduate ]

The senior portrait is a funny thing. It captures a beautiful young person teetering at the impasse of the life they know, and the life they don't. Behind is childhood. Ahead is everything they will become. How do you translate that confidence and fear and youthful, carefree joy into a photo? While iconic, I don't think the standard cap & gown shot does this fleeting season justice - so it's always a treat to do a whole session with a high school graduate! 

McKenzie and I ventured out on a moody, windy spring afternoon in the Napa Valley. The wind taunted us a little on the hills, but her crazy kind boyfriend ran interference for us, kept the laughter flowing,  and we just went with it.  Below the hills, the sun peeked through Napa's back roads and river line, and we ended the day with one of my favorite drinks (not wine, c'mon, she just graduated high school!) - a milkshake at Gott's.