[ trait de genie pop art ]

Jermaine creates the kind of art that hits you between the eyes. You either love it or hate it, but you definitely can't ignore it. Screaming with color, you'd think these portraits were created in some concrete loft in LA or Brooklyn. Instead, Jermaine paints from his living room studio in small-town Vallejo, California. Surrounded by family, kids toys, and his wine collection, he paints in the middle of the night - after the kids have gone to bed, and before his day job starts. With time at a minimum, he often will paint a complete work in one sitting. Jermaine asked me to document his workspace and process, as well as follow his finished pieces to private, retail and hospitality locations around the Bay Area. With a big opening show on the horizon and a new website underway, we created these images to communicate the artist's personality and the versatility of his bold, bright art.